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Why Now?

Thinking of selling your business? Let’s talk today. Next year is not so clear, but we do know 2017 is shaping up to be one of the best times in 10 years for sellers.

Here are a few of the favorable trends driving today’s M&A market:

  • Business-friendly, deal-making environment
  • Regulations affecting businesses are easing or being eliminated
  • Bull market and confidence high: the volatility index just hit a 55- year low
  • Valuations are high

Why Woodbridge?

M&A professionals at Woodbridge International have collectively closed more than 750 deals across virtually all industries. Our approach is unique in offering our clients:

  • Our 35 global offices give us direct access to local buyers
  • We market your company to 50 times more buyers than any other M&A firm
  • Our Underwriting during the first 30 days of the deal process avoids the deal-breakers of negative surprises
  • We produce a high-definition, 2-minute video that pre-sells your company to vetted buyers
  • More Buyers, More Offers, Higher Price, Better Fit

Contact Dirk-Jan Vorgers today to learn more: call 203.318.4356. Tower 42. 25 Old Broad Street London EC2N 1HQ United Kingdom.

Woodbridge serves companies in all industries that have £5 million to over £250 million+ in turnover.

What Former Clients Are Saying

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Ideal Time to Sell

Watch an addition to our FAQ Series, featuring Senior M&A Advisor Tom Hawke, who discusses the ideal company to bring to market and the best time to sell.

Consumed with Finding Buyers

Tom Hawke, Senior M&A Advisor, explains how Woodbridge's approach to selling your business maximizes your deal options and your company's value: FAQ Series.

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